The Foundation for Practice and Research in Strategic Management, Inc. (“PRISM”) was established by professors Pankaj Ghemawat and Daniel A. Levinthal to advance the state of knowledge and research in the field of strategic management, to promote cross-disciplinary research and learning, to disseminate cutting edge research, and to support the integration of research and practice.

PRISM’s initial program was a conference, but the organization plans to conduct additional activities to further advance strategic management research and practice. Other activities may include promoting the development of new ideas in research, practice and teaching by hosting sub-conferences examining specific areas of research, promoting scholarly excellence by awarding prizes to recognize work in strategy that plays a bridging function, and promoting greater dissemination of strategic management knowledge by publishing scholarly works, disseminating information through a website, and engaging in other public relations activities.

Ultimately, by advancing the state of strategy research, and supporting the integration of strategy research and practice, PRISM will equip global problem-solvers and leaders with greater tools to address the pressing social and economic issues of our day.